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Removable dental prostheses

Removable dentures are appliances that artificially replace your natural teeth and gums. If, due to an accident, illness or poor oral hygiene, you may have lost some or all of your teeth, the professionals at Lapointe Dental Centres can recommend complete or partial dentures on acrylic to replace your missing

Dental prostheses adapted to your needs

There are two types of removable acrylic dentures: complete removable dentures and partial removable dentures.

Complete dental prostheses

Full dentures are used to replace all natural teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw. They stay in place through the succion of the mouth. This type of dental prosthesis is what many people still call “false teeth”.

Full dentures are made in several appointments, but the procedure is simple. To ensure that the shape and colour of the teeth are in harmony with your mouth, we first create an initial wax model based on impressions and precise measurements taken in relation to the shape of your face.

Once you and your denturist are satisfied with the result, the technician makes a final version of your acrylic denture. Your denturist can then fit your new teeth in your mouth.

Finally, a few follow-up appointments will allow the denturist to adjust the comfort level of your removable dental prosthesis.

(Note that a complete removable dental prosthesis can also be installed on implants).

Partial dental prostheses

Partial dentures are used to replace one or more missing teeth. Often called “partial plates”, they help with chewing, speech and aesthetics.

The partial plate is made of an acrylic resin base, with or without metal, which rests on the gums and is anchored to the remaining teeth with clasps.

Easy to maintain, this removable dental prosthesis is quickly made based on impressions and precise measurements.

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