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Changing your dental prosthesis

Like many things, removable dentures don’t last forever.

In fact, removable dentures should be changed EVERY FIVE YEARS—something Lapointe Dental Centre denturist Roxane Pinsonneault says many patients are surprised to hear.

While your dentures may seem perfectly comfortable, everyday wear damages the temporomandibular (jaw) joint and mucous membranes. Left unchanged, a dental prosthesis may even have an irreversible impact on your face.

Even if you feel no pain, your denture will wear out, leading to digestive issues, difficulty chewing or even earaches or headaches.
Your denturist is in the best position to say whether or not your dentures need to be replaced. He or she can also suggest other solutions.

By seeing your denturist once a year, you forestall and minimize any problems that may arise.

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This article was written in collaboration with Lapointe Dental Centre denturist Roxane Pinsonneault.