We offer several financing options to fit all budget.

The Lapointe Group, partner in your success.

By joining the Lapointe Group, you will be able to develop or optimise your practice more quickly while significantly increasing your revenues. You will not have to worry about management and will be freed from administrative tasks. All your time will be devoted to your patients and your professional development.

With the help of our training academy, it will be possible for you to benefit from adapted training. You will also work as a team with professionals from all areas of dentistry, which will allow you to offer your patients all types of treatments under one roof.


The human resources and marketing departments are there at all times to support you in your practice. We take care of recruiting, as well as finding new patients. We make sure that your rooms are filled every day. Rooms where you will have access to state-of-the-art technology to support the planning and execution of your treatment plans.

Become a Dental Partner

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Percentage dentist

Practice as if you were the owner, without having to worry about the administrative management and financial investment required to open a dental practice.

Specialist dentist

Proprietor dentist

Different options

Different options are available to allow you to continue practicing without worrying about the administrative side of things:

  • Sell while continuing to practise under the Lapointe banner and keep on growing your practice
  • Sell and continue to practice while keeping the name of your clinic
Freedom of mind

The Lapointe Group acquires dental centres whose practice is well established. Whether through the purchase of assets or shares, the Lapointe Group formula frees you from the non-medical aspect of the practice while allowing you to pursue your passion and optimise your practice income.

Personalized support

If you are planning your retirement in the medium term, we will guide you through the different steps for a successful transition to retirement, both from a fiscal and personal point of view. You will be able to continue practicing according to your aspirations, the schedule of your choice (full-time or part-time), or cease your professional activities, knowing that your patients will be taken care of by a group recognized for the quality of its services.

Newly graduated dentist

Join our family and take advantage of onboarding and mentoring programs to gain field experience faster.

Grow your patient base faster by joining a recognized, client-generating brand.

Find a balance between your personal and professional life. We will plan a schedule together based on your personal reality, professional ambitions and income expectations.

Devote yourself entirely to your profession

With an infrastructure that supports your practice, you can focus exclusively on practicing your profession and the well-being of your patients while shaping your career according to your aspirations.

We will support you in developing a challenging and rewarding career path that meets your goals and aspirations.


The only fully integrated dental network in Canada!


Innovative dental centres

  • Dental centers with a modern design and concept
  • Experienced support teams
  • State-of-the-art technological tools: intraoral scanner, 3D scanner, panorex, virtual waxing and Visio simulation software
  • An exclusive technological platform for case management:
    – Schedule management
    – Automated reminders
    – Support for treatment planning
  • Management indicators for the professional


An integrated laboratory

  • Work methods combining new technologies and traditional methods
  • Manufacturing of all dental products: fixed prostheses, removable prostheses, prostheses on implants and orthodontic products
  • Personalized service for your practice
  • Research and development
  • Quality products and short manufacturing times


A dedicated
administrative center

  • Over 35 years of operational management expertise
  • Recruitment and training of support staff
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Administrative management (scheduling, expenses, suppliers, etc.)
  • Compliance, information technology and accounting support


A complete training academy

  • Recognized by the American Dental Association Commission for Continuing Education Recognition Program
  • Accompaniment in the career plan
  • Training offered to the entire Group
  • Integration of new technologies in the practice of professionals
  • Online training tools
  • Study circles
  • Courses eligible for continuing education units (CEUs)


A varied and adapted practice

Based on your practice profile and background, we can support you in developing or pursuing a career plan that will allow you to achieve your professional goals and further develop in your chosen field of practice.

  • Hygiene and prevention

  • Restoration

  • Orthodontics

  • Implantology

  • Periodontics

  • Endodontics

  • Denturology

  • Surgery

  • Prosthodontics

Lapointe Dental Centres create a stimulating professional environment and give themsselves the means to attract a large number of patients to establish a win-win relationship with the dentists, while freeing them from the responsibilities and administrative tasks (rent, employees, orders…) related to running a dental clinic.

Dre Audrey Bentolila

Dentist at the Montréal René-Lévesque Dental Centre since 2014

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for 35 years

The Lapointe Group offers dental professionals a work environment based on the complementarity of disciplines, thus allowing them to provide optimal treatment solutions and complete service to patients. It is the only fully integrated dental network in Canada.