About us

Creating smiles
for 35 years now

Lapointe Dental Centres are a 100% Quebec banner of the Lapointe Group, a family business serving professionals and patients for 35 years now!


Since its inception in 1987, the company has put forward an innovative concept by bringing together various dental health professionals under one roof and by separating the administrative management aspect from the practice of dentistry, thus allowing dentists and denturists to focus entirely on their art. This was the birth of the very first Dental Service Organizations (DSO) in Canada.

Over the years, the Lapointe Group has established numerous partnerships with dental health professionals across Quebec, incorporated the latest technologies into its clinics and laboratory, and expanded its geographic footprint across Quebec.


Its affiliation with Altima Dental in 2019, and merger with 123Dentist in 2022, two of the most important dental groups in Canada, the Lapointe Group is being propelled towards new horizons and solidifying its place as a leader in the dentistry sector in Quebec.

Who are we?

The Lapointe Dental Centres today:

  • 30 Lapointe Dental Centres across Quebec

  • All dental services under one roof

  • 63,000 patients treated each year

  • A 96% customer satisfaction rate

  • A strong brand, recognized by 7 out of 10 Quebecers

  • Payment options that make treatments more accessible to patients

Who are we

The Lapointe Group today:

More than 30 centres

In addition to the 30 Lapointe dental centres, there are 4 affiliated dental centres that have kept their own banner.

A specialized laboratory

This integrated laboratory performs case management in full collaboration with professionals, from start to finish.

An administrative centre

An administrative centre providing support in human resources, compliance, accounting, information technology and marketing, including a training academy.

More than 100 professionals

More than 100 professionals including 94 dentists, general dentists and specialist dentists practicing in various fields of dentistry.

More than 600 employees

More than 600 employees work in the clinic, administrative centre and laboratory.

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Management team

Our team

Larry Lapointe

Advisor to the CEO

Yves Lapointe

Advisor to the CEO

Paul Juhos

First Vice-President

Anik Poulin

Lawer, VP, Legal affairs and compliance

Annie Bédard

Director, Human Ressources

Anthony Lapointe

Talent acquisition & service to professionals

Aurélie Raveloson

Executive Assistant

Dave Genest

Director, Clinics operations

Julie Raymond

Director, Finance

Rabih Fakhoury

Vice-President, Acquisitions, Purchases & infrastructures

Tommy Lapointe

Project manager and continuous improvement, business intelligence

Dominic Benoit

Director, IT

William Lapointe

Director, Laboratories

Julie Mauffette

Director, Marketing & communication

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