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Lapointe masks sold in our clinics

In order to protect ourselves while maintaining our smile, we have created two models of masks in the colours of our amazing company. A standard model, and a model with a window designed for the hearing impaired. For each mask sold, $2 is donated to Little Brothers of the Poor, who pursue the mission of fighting the isolation of the elderly up to the end of their lives.

Give yourself the gift of a mask the next time you visit us and contribute to the well-being of our seniors.*

*See legal notes at the bottom of the page

Last minute

The “Last Minute Appointment” offer consists of giving you a discount equivalent ** valid in all our centres within 3 days of making an appointment for a specific exam or global dental consultation.


  • 50$ : For appointments made within 24 hours prior to the appointment;
  • 25$ : For appointments made within 48 hours prior to the appointment;
  • 10$ : For appointments made within 72 hours prior to the appointment.

**See legal notes at the bottom of the page
*** Some conditions apply

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