At Lapointe dental Centres, state-of-the-art technologies make our procedures quicker and less intrusive while improving precision and effectiveness.
Our equipment includes:

    • An intraoral scanner that builds a computerized 3D image of your teeth and gums. This replaces traditional dental impressions, whose process can leave some people nauseous. Faster and more accurate, the intraoral scanner sends images of your mouth directly to the laboratory, reducing both production time and the risk of operator error.


    • A 3D scanner that measures bone density for the placement of dental implants.


    • An intraoral camera to visualize your teeth in real time on a screen.


    • Digital radiography that produces more precise X-rays and thus allows for better diagnosis.


    • A cephalometric radiograph to assess the angle and growth of the jaw prior to orthodontic treatment.


    • Visio technology that provides a simulation of your future smile before the start of treatment.


    • A computer link between our centres and Summum dental Laboratory allowing the manufacturing data to be efficiently, securely and confidentially managed.


    • Educational videos summarizing different dental treatments. Available in ourcentres, on our website and on our YouTube channel, they can be consulted when you want more information about a particular treatment.


With the field of dentistry continually evolving, Lapointe dental Centres stays on the cutting edge so that our professionals can offer you the smile of your dreams: harmonious and healthy!