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Five simple tips for optimal oral health

Many are concerned about their overall health, but what about their oral health? While the general health of the body is often a priority, the health of your mouth should be as well, since it is an integral part of body care. A toothache, a missing tooth or an infection can affect your quality of life, the way you speak, eat and relate to others. So taking care of them is essential.

Here are 5 simple tips for optimal oral health:

1- Drink lots of water

If you already do, that is great news! It is no secret that drinking water is good for your body, digestion and keeping you hydrated, but did you know that it is also very good for oral health? Since it contains no sugar or acid, water is the drink of choice. Just finished a meal and you do not have a toothbrush with you? Just a simple rinse is needed!

2- Make healthy foods a priority

Some of the foods we eat contain sugar and acid that are harmful to our teeth. Foods with no added sugar should be favoured to limit damage.

Among the healthy choices available, it is recommended that you consume dairy products. The calcium they contain strengthens the teeth’s enamel. Cocoa is also an interesting option owing to an ingredient that helps reduce the enamel’s dissolvability. Good to know, right?

3- Avoid alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and tobacco are harmful to oral health and should be consumed in moderation. Remember to take care of your mouth after a little abuse. Having a glass of wine or a night-cap? Try to rinse your mouth well or, at best, brush your teeth after each drink to rinse out the sugar that the drink may contain.

4- Brush your teeth after each meal

A simple habit, but so important! Ideally, after each meal, remember to brush your teeth. The longer it takes to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth, the greater the chance that these deposits will convert into plaque, cavities or tartar. There is no need to wait to remove the residue lodged between your teeth or on their surface while eating.

Flossing should also be part of our daily oral hygiene routine. You do not need to floss 3 times a day. Once a day should be sufficient.

We also recommend eating raw fruits and vegetables. These foods stimulate the production of saliva in the mouth and help control the acidity present.

5 – Carry a toothbrush everywhere you go

A simple tip that will allow you to brush your teeth more often, no matter if you are on the go, in a restaurant or on a trip. Why not take your toothbrush with you in the car or carry it in your purse? Tip: Do not forget to pack it well so as to prevent unwanted bacteria from getting inside.