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A diastema is a space between two teeth that should normally touch. Most diastemas are not overly bothersome. However, this type of imperfection can affect the adjacent gums because of the friction caused by chewing.

For some people, a diastema is aesthetically unappealing. If this is this case, there are several ways it can be repaired.

First, there is composite resin, which can be indicated for minor corrections. The dentist can take care of this him or herself. This technique has the advantage of being inexpensive, although touch-ups will be needed after a certain amount of time.

A crown may also be a possible solution. While this is a good alternative, it is less conservative, which is why it will often be recommended when there are other defects that are more difficult to camouflage, such as a misshapen or discoloured tooth, or even a cavity that has destroyed a large part of the tooth.
The addition of ceramic veneers is another option for correcting an aesthetic flaw. This involves completely covering the visible portion of the tooth.
If the teeth are in good shape but poorly positioned, orthodontic treatment could also be considered as a more permanent solution.
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