Cosmetic and Functional Dentistry

Dental restoration

Dental restoration makes it possible to restore a smile whose aesthetic and functional balance is optimal, while giving the face a more youthful appearance.

Remedying the loss of tooth structure

Loss of tooth structure is a situation often encountered that results in a series of dental movements that can lead to aesthetic dissatisfaction and functional problems. Movement and excessive wear of the teeth can also cause problems with the jaw joint (pain, cracking, etc.).

A patient who clenches his or her teeth or has a bad occlusion (bite) causes an involuntary and repeated friction of the upper teeth on the lower ones. This friction can lead to premature wear of the teeth or, more specifically, a decrease in vertical dimension. As the teeth become shorter, the soft tissue around the mouth sags. The face appears shorter and there is the appearance (or amplification) of creases on each side of the chin, which accentuates the appearance of ageing of the face.

Our solutions to correct functional problems caused by wear

Fortunately, solutions exist to remedy this problem:

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