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Tooth wear and rehabilitation

La perte de tissus dentaires est une situation souvent rencontrée, laquelle entraîne une série de mouvements dentaires pouvant amener des insatisfactions esthétiques et des problèmes fonctionnels.

The loss of dental tissue is a common condition that causes a series of dental movements that can lead to aesthetic issues and functional problems. In a patient who clenches his or her teeth or who has a malocclusion, the repeated grinding of the top and bottom teeth can lead to significant wear.

This situation can also occur due simply to the passage of time. Wear creates what is known as a decreased vertical dimension of occlusion, which can considerably change the appearance of your smile. Because the teeth are shorter, the soft tissues around the mouth begin to sag, resulting in a shorter looking face. This causes wrinkles to appear or existing ones to deepen on either side of the chin, accentuating the appearance of facial ageing. The movement and exaggerated wear of the teeth can also create problems in the mandibular joint, such as pain or cracking when opening and closing the mouth.

Thankfully, there are ways to fix this problem. The preferred solutions often include crowns, bridges and dentures, to increase the height of the teeth and the face and, as needed, replace missing teeth. These solutions help to restore an aesthetically pleasing and functional smile, giving the face back a more youthful appearance. Before starting these treatments, tooth colour can be improved with a whitening treatment.

All of these treatments require an in-depth prior assessment by qualified professionals.

A Global Dental ConsultationTM is the perfect opportunity for a complete, detailed analysis of your smile and to discuss the various solutions available to you.

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