Dental Rehabilitation

Dental structure loss is a frequently encountered situation, one that can lead to a series of dental movements that can bring about aesthetic dissatisfaction and functional issues.

Dental rehabilitation can optimize the smile, balancing its aesthetic function while giving you a younger appearance. Patients who grind their teeth or have an improper occlusion provoke involuntary and repeated friction between the top and bottom teeth. This friction can wear down the teeth prematurely or, more specifically, reduce their vertical dimension. When teeth shorten, the soft tissues around the mouth tend to sag. The face will seem shorter and lines running up from either side of the chin can appear or become more pronounced, thus making the face look older. Furthermore, exaggerated tooth movement and erosion can lead to problems with the mandibular joint — pain, cracking, and so on.

Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to correct this problem:


Your free* Global Dental Consultation™ can provide a thorough assessment of your smile and propose the various solutions available to you.
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