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Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is defined as pain of varying intensity (depending on the person) caused by a tooth’s exposed root. You may experience tooth sensitivity primarily when consuming hot or cold food or drink.

Tooth sensitivity is a very common problem. It’s not a disease, but rather an issue that develops over time due to a number of factors, such as grinding of the teeth and overly vigorous brushing.

Tooth sensitivity can also be caused by gingival recession (receding gums), where the gum no longer completely protects the tooth, leaving the underlying dentin exposed.

To prevent tooth sensitivity, use a soft toothbrush and avoid acidic foods and beverages. You can also use toothpaste for sensitive teeth or ask your dental health professional to apply a desensitizing agent for a more immediate result.

For more information about tooth sensitivity, consult your dental health professional, who will be able to recommend an effective treatment appropriate to your condition.

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