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The importance of a preventive examination

A preventive examination includes dental x-rays, oral screening, scaling and polishing.

Dental x-rays detect hidden cavities not visible to the naked eye. They are also used to diagnose abnormalities in the mouth, such as cysts, abscesses or tumours, and to monitor the eruption of adult teeth in children.

A mirror, explorer and probe are used for oral screening. The clinician collects evidence of what he or she sees in the mouth, detecting any decay, periodontal diseases, faulty fillings, oral lesions and any other oral infections. All information gathered during the preventive examination ensures the personalization of appropriate treatment for the patient and helps establish the frequency of follow-ups.

If tartar is detected during screening, scaling will be added to the steps included in the visit.

Scaling is always followed up with polishing. Polishing is done to smooth down the teeth and remove any dental plaque or tooth stains.

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