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What to do if my child loses an adult tooth

La perte accidentelle d’une dent est une situation grave qui peut par contre être résolue si l’on agit rapidement, tant pour les enfants que pour les adultes.

The accidental loss of a tooth—whether you’re an adult or a child—is a serious situation that nonetheless can be resolved if acted upon quickly.

If your child is injured and loses a permanent tooth, you must clean the tooth and try to place it back in the gum by holding it in position for a while. If this is not possible, keep the tooth in a glass of cold milk, and go to the dentist immediately.

To maximize the chances of reinserting the tooth, two factors are essential:

  • The length of time the tooth was out of the gum (maximum 60 minutes).
  • The external environment used to save the tooth before reinsertion.

If your child is bleeding, gently rinse out his or her mouth and place a cotton ball or gauze on the wound. Apply ice to reduce the swelling as needed.

Please note that these instructions apply to adult teeth only. If a primary tooth is accidentally knocked out, its replantation will not hold as well, and it will not be able to maintain the space for the permanent tooth.

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