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Go Back to School with Good Habits

September is right around the corner, leaving summer time, with its share of procrastination on good habits behind for both kids and parents. To make this transition easier on everyone, here are a few tips to try and put in place with your children.

Brushing and Flossing Routine
During vacation, it is rare for people to eat at regular hours ans in the same place. This makes it harder to maintain sane dental hygiene habits. The end of summer break makes it the perfect time to get back into the sane habits. Brushing your teeth after each meal and before bed is very important in order to avoid problems such as gingivitis or cavities. Furthermore, flossing should be done at least once a day at any given moment. Getting back to such a routine can be difficult for adults, so it is not hard to imagine how tougher it is for kids! Here are a few suggestions that could ease a brushing and flossing routine for the younglings.

Motivational Calendar
Whether it be a store bought calendar or a homemade one, the impact remains the same: children love to post stickers on their calendar when they have accomplished a given task. Make sure to hang the calendar where all can see it; your kid will only be more inclined to use it. A reward-based objective can prove excellent motivation for the child. Make sure the goal is realistic from the beginning, reminding your kid to keep up with his or her accomplishment within a reasonable time frame to maintain their good habits. You can find motivational calendar examples online and buy stickers or draw something yourself when your child has brushed and flossed his or her teeth.

In order to increase your child’s motivation to brush his or her teeth more often, why no let him or her choose his or her toothbrush. Companies making kids’ toothbrushes have made them appealing for children by adding different themes or patterns, adding flashing timers or creating budget electric toothbrushes. Make sure that the toothbrush is not too big for your child’s mouth or that the bristles are too firm; his or her brushing might be as effective or too harsh, and could create more risk for gum injuries. Opt for toothbrushes that are smaller in size and which bristle are ultra soft.

School Kit
Many children lunch at school and, thus, do not brush their teeth after their meal. To help counter this situation, packing a portable toothbrush and a little tube of toothpaste along with their lunch can prove an efficient way to incite them to develop the habit of brushing after a meal. Just let the kindergarten personnel know how they can help you assist your child and explaining him or her how to brush his or her teeth after lunch.

Picking a Snack
On top of restriction given to your kid by the school, the snack you pick must also be healthy for his or her teeth, not contributing to the development of tooth cavities. Sugary snacks should be avoided; fruit cups in syrup, fruit rollers, sugary bars, fruit juice etc. To maximise your child’s health, favour fresh fruits, cheese, unsweetened crackers and water.

Enjoy summer and nice weather and worry not if you see a certain lack of motivation regarding you or your kids’ dental hygiene; September is sure to be back soon enough, bringing along its routine of good habits!