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April is oral health month!

April is oral health month in Canada, so this is the perfect opportunity for us at Lapointe Dental Centres to remind you of the importance of good oral hygiene. Brushing at least twice daily, flossing and regular visits to the dentist not only keep your mouth healthy but also contribute to better health overall.

Oral health problems can have repercussions on a person’s quality of life, both physical and mental. Regular dental exams are important at any age—whether you have your own teeth or not! Indeed, oral health includes the wellness of both the oral cavity and the face. Your dental professional can also prevent more serious conditions or diseases.

To maintain good oral health, professionals recommend that you take the following simple actions:

Keep your mouth clean
Brush at least twice daily, floss every day and maintain a healthy diet.

Eat a healthy diet
Good oral health starts with a balanced diet. Eating foods that are harmful to your teeth can promote cavities and infections. For example, avoid sipping sweet or acidic drinks throughout the day. Instead, try munching on nuts, fruit or vegetables.

Examine your mouth regularly
Look for signs of gum disease and mouth cancer such as sores or lumps on the lips, inside the cheek or on the gums, white or red spots on your tongue, numbness inside the mouth or difficulty chewing or swallowing.

Avoid tobacco
Smoking is a common cause of mouth cancer, gum disease and other types of cancer. Smoking not only increases visits and expenses related to oral health, but it also has an impact on treatment duration. For example, smoking is an important risk factor for implant failure.
Don’t wait until you need emergency dental care to consult your dentist. It only takes a few minutes to make an appointment with a dental professional—your smile lasts a lifetime.

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