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Gum grafting

Sometimes the gums recede (gum recession) due to gum disease (gingivitis or periodontitis), excessive friction, or tooth movement. Some people do not have enough natural gum tissue to protect their teeth. In these cases, the dentists and professionals at Lapointe Dental Centres may suggest that you consider periodontal treatment, i.e. gum grafting (also known as gingival grafting).

Purpose of the gum graft

The purpose of the gum graft is to restore thickness and height to the gum of the weakened tooth, thus stopping the progression of the recession. This restorative procedure strengthens the supporting tissues to protect the teeth and restore your smile. The dentist removes a piece of gum from the palate (called a graft) to cover the root that has been uncovered by the recession. The graft can also come from an external source (like AlloDerm®).

The gum graft is short-lived and the healing process does not usually require time off work.

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