Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that aims to correct wrongly positioned teeth to optimize the occlusion or alignment and improve both function and appearance.

Six reasons for having orthodontic treatment

  • To correct an overbite
  • To correct dental overlap
  • To correct teeth that are too high
  • To realign teeth
  • To correct a space between teeth (diastema)
  • To prevent premature erosion

Last but not least, there’s the question of appearance — far from negligible. Orthodontics gives you the smile you deserve.

Who should have orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics is often associated with children. Indeed, a child’s teeth can be realigned at a young age. However, more and more adults undergo orthodontic treatment to realign their teeth permanently. Since the basic process of tooth movement is the same in children and adults alike, you can have orthodontic treatment at any age!

Note that treatment usually takes a little longer in adults than in children, varying from several months to several years.