Braces are probably the best-known orthodontic technique. Everyone knows someone who has worn (or is currently wearing) braces. Still, braces have advanced greatly in recent years and are today more discreet.

What you need to know when getting braces

Small brackets made from metal or porcelain are bonded to the front of the teeth and interconnected by an arch wire. This setup applies a slight but steady pressure on the teeth to gently move them into their optimal position.

Braces correct the position of the teeth both individually and simultaneously.

Once the braces have been installed, they must be adjusted in order to maintain the correct degree of tension. Regular follow-up appointments (every 6 to 8 weeks on average) will be required to allow the professional to monitor the treatment.

Brace and dental hygiene

Wearing braces requires excellent oral hygiene. Since the brackets are bonded to the teeth, food debris and plaque tend to accumulate more easily.

Oral hygiene that is poor during orthodontic treatment can foster dental decay and periodontal disease, which would delay or affect the desired outcome. It is therefore essential to follow the advice of your Lapointe Dental Centre professional and undergo regular follow-up.

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