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Lapointe dental Centres is a company that, for more than 30 years, has been setting up dental centres and providing the infrastructure to support the practice of the professionals who work there. Our core concept consists of making the full range of dental services available under one roof. Lapointe dental Centres comprises 21 state-of-the-art centres located across Quebec. The professionals practicing dentistry in the Lapointe dental Centres have diversified experience. Rest assured that you’re in good hands! Thanks to our Global approach to oral health and our strong teamwork ethic, you benefit from pooled expertise, delivered through fast, friendly and courteous service. Our centres offer the full range of oral health services under one roof.


Book your free* Global Dental ConsultationTM today! The professionnals practicing dentistry in Lapointe dental Centres will propose solutions to give you the smile you deserve! Smile, we’ll take care of everything!!

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*$250 value offered by the professionnals practicing at Lapointe dental Centres