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Occlusal plate (bite plate)

If someone in your household “grinds” his or her teeth, either during the day or at night, he or she is suffering from bruxism, an ailment that is not to be taken lightly.

This repeated friction of the teeth leads to premature wear of the teeth, often to jaw pain and sometimes even to migraines. In the most severe cases of bruxism, there is cracking of the jaw joints, pain in the shoulders and neck, congestion of the ears or limitation of the mouth opening.

The dental bite plate is an effective solution to counter the harmful effects of bruxism. Made from an accurate impression of your teeth, it is worn mostly at night and sometimes during the day, when required.

The occlusal or bite plate:

  • Absorbs some of the grinding and clenching of the teeth
  • Relaxes the jaw muscles to relieve tension
  • Relieves jaw joints and reduce pain
  • Limits the deterioration of teeth and bones
  • Reduces snoring (in some cases)

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