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When possible, the ALL-ON-4TM approach offers edentulous patients (patients who have lost teeth) an effective restoration using only 4-6 implants on either jaw (upper or lower) to support a full denture, which will be permanently installed. This is an effective treatment that could be offered to replace all your teeth.

How does the All-on-4 treatment work?

The procedure consists of inserting 4 to 6 titanium dental implants into the edentulous jaw, onto which a temporary dental prosthesis is attached immediately after surgery. A final full denture will be installed a few months later.

Thanks to 3D scanning and specialized software, the dentist can simulate in advance and with precision the surgery that will follow.

This surgery will consist of attaching two implants in the front part of the jaw, taking advantage of the thick bone mass there. Two additional dental implants will then be inserted in the front part of the jaw, taking care to place them at an angle that will avoid the sinuses (in the upper jaw) and the nerve channels (in the lower jaw).

Dental implants in a day!

In addition to giving you a beautiful smile, ALL-ON-4TM treatment has the major advantage of being completed in just one day.

Consult a dental professional at Lapointe Dental Centres to find out if this option is recommendable for your situation.

ALL-ON-4TM is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare.

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