Invisalign™ – MTM™ – Summum invisible aligners

Woman placing Invisalign aligners onto her teeth

Invisible aligners are a solution for those seeking a more discreet orthodontic treatment than wearing braces. Invisible aligners do not use brackets or wires.

Invisible aligners play the same role as metal braces: they reposition teeth that overlap, close diastemas, realign teeth and so on.

Conversely, appointments for adjustments are generally more frequent than with braces. Invisible aligners are changed every four to eight weeks, depending on the procedure. Each aligner works to adjust your teeth according to the plan decided on by your dentist by setting the required level of pressure to move your teeth.

Lastly, since they are removable, invisible aligners allow you to eat whatever you want and make oral maintenance easy.

Two types of invisible aligners

Summum invisible aligners or Invisalign™

Invisalign™ is a modern and near-invisible method used to correct mild to moderate orthodontic problems. Invisalign™ aligns teeth just as braces do, but using a transparent, removable aligner. This system does not use metal brackets or wires, which can sometimes prove irritating to the gums and mouth (learn more about the differences between braces and invisible aligners).

Invisalign™ consists of a series of clear plastic aligners that are changed every four to eight weeks on average. Each aligner is custom-made for your teeth. The treatment gently moves your teeth until they reach the final position prescribed by your professional.

In general, treatment using Invisalign™ is faster than traditional braces. Patient compliance is essential to the success of the treatment. For this reason, patients must remain disciplined to avoid prolonging the treatment or compromising the results.

To find out if Invisalign™ is the solution for you, make an appointment with a professional at your Lapointe Dental Centre.

MTM™ (Minor Tooth Movement)

MTM™ technology is an invisible orthodontic treatment that takes less time than regular orthodontic treatment. MTM™ targets the 12 (six upper and six lower) teeth most visible when someone smiles, making them straighter and more aligned.

MTM™ treatment involves moulding an invisible aligner that is placed on the teeth in order to straighten them, bring them together and/or align them.

Treatment takes a fraction of the time of full orthodontic treatment. Since only a few teeth are concerned, progress is faster. Patients must be regularly monitored in the clinic (every four to six weeks on average).

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