all on 4 dental implants
When possible, the ALL-ON-4™ approach provides edentulous patients with an efficient restoration using only four implants on the upper or lower jaw to support a full-arch prosthesis (denture) that is installed permanently. This treatment could be suggested as a means of replacing all your teeth.

How does the ALL-ON-4™ procedure work?

The procedure involves screwing four titanium implants into the edentulous jaw. A temporary prosthesis is then installed on the implants immediately after surgery, and a complete final prosthesis installed a few months later.

Using 3D scanning and specialized software, the dentist can simulate the surgery accurately and in advance.

Two implants are placed in the front part of the jaw, taking advantage of the thick bone mass there. Two further implants are then installed in the anterior part of the jaw. These implants will be placed at an angle so as to avoid touching the sinus (upper jaw) and nerve channels (lower jaw).

A new smile all in one day!

Beyond the fact that it restores your smile, the beauty of the ALL-ON-4™ treatment is that it happens in one day.

Consult a Lapointe dental Centre professional to see whether this is an option for you.

ALL-ON-4™ is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare.

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