Last-Minute-Appointment Offer

The Last-Minute-Appointment offer consists in offering a gift certificate valid in our centres with every appointments of cleaning, exams, follow ups and free consultations taken by the client in the next three following days. As we know modifing your schedule on such short terms can be a hastle, Lapointe Dental Centres accomodates its clients by offering them a gift certificate. With appointments taken in the next 24hrs or less, the gift certificate will be valid for 50$, a value of 25$ for those taken in the following 48hrs, and finally, 10$ for those taken in the 72hrs preceeding the appointment.

This offer is valid for new bookings only, subject to availability, and not on modifying already booked appointments. This offer is not valid on bookings made through follow ups from Lapointe Dental Centres. This offer can be redeemed at all Lapointe Dental Centres. A gift certificate matching the appropriate booking time will be added to the patient’s file and applicable on the cost of the appointment (or on the treatment plan following a free consultation). The Last-Minute-Appointment offer can’t be combined with any other offer. The offer automatically applies with bookings made online. On appointments taken on the 1-800 Lapointe, clients must request the offer so that it can be added to their patient file.

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