Global Dental ConsultationTM

Are you interested in improving your smile and wanting to hear options other than whitening or orthodontic treatments?

Do you need to replace teeth and want to know what your options are?

The Global Dental ConsultationTM is for you!

During an appointment (free of charge*) lasting about an hour, the Global Dental ConsultationTM will determine your smile’s optimal dental proportions and aesthetic shape in line with an overall vision. It’s the perfect opportunity to have your smile thoroughly evaluated. Our professionals will briefly assess your oral health and present the various solutions available to you in consideration of three main aspects: health, function and aesthetics.

Note that, should you decide to commence treatment based on the solutions discussed, you will need to undergo a complete oral examination and pay the associated fee.

*$250 value offered by the professionnals practicing at Lapointe dental Centres

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