Founded in 1987 by Ghislain Lapointe and his two sons Larry and Yves, Lapointe dental Centres is a company that sets up dental centres and provides the infrastructure supporting the dental health professionals who work there.

At the time of its founding, its multidisciplinary structure and innovative concept changed the way dental practice was carried out. Above all, it enabled dentists and denturologists to work together under one roof.

Today run by the third generation of Lapointe, Groupe Lapointe consists of 22 dental centres, a dedicated laboratory, a training academy and an administrative centre. In total, some 450 professionals and staff members work together to make your visits warm and convivial.

Creating smiles for 30 years, our team is recognized for their service, the quality of their work and their dedication to one goal: giving you the smile you deserve!

Providing dental services for the whole family under one roof, Lapointe dental Centres has everything it takes to meet your needs.

Smile, we’ll take care of everything!

Presidents - Centres dentaires Lapointe

Yves and Larry Lapointe