Dental extraction

Dental extraction consists of pulling out one or more teeth in the mouth.

Although it is generally advisable to keep the natural teeth whenever possible, in some situations, tooth extraction will be proposed. In all cases, your dentist will always try to save your natural tooth first by way of other treatments.

Below are some of the reasons that may lead to an extraction:


When a cavity has extended to areas of the tooth that are impossible to reach, thus ruling out treatment, extraction may be proposed.

Periodontal disease

Your teeth are kept in position by the surrounding bone. Extraction may be recommended when, due to periodontal disease, a tooth lacks enough surrounding bone to be functional.


Tooth crowding

Tooth crowding is a common problem. Wisdom teeth are the best example: since these teeth are not absolutely necessary for proper function—in fact, many people do not even have them—your dentist may recommend extracting them.

Wisdom teeth

Tooth extraction may also be proposed to relieve crowding in other teeth. However, orthodontic treatment is preferred to avoid losing any teeth required for chewing.

Your Lapointe Dental Centre professional will carefully consider your case and provide the most appropriate recommendations.

Replacing missing teeth