For 30 years, the Lapointe concept has recognized the benefits of having multiple disciplines under one roof. Lapointe Dental Centres provide dentistry professionals with a work environment structured around complementary disciplines, enabling them to provide patients with optimal treatment solutions and a full range of services.

The benefits of belonging to a network firmly rooted in Quebec for 30 years

The Lapointe Group advantages:

  • All dental services provided under one roof.
  • A trustworthy brand, generating 17,000 new patients every year.
  • 22 dental centres throughout Quebec.
  • More than 100 professionals practising in various fields of dentistry.
  • 200 support staff members.
  • 52,000 patients treated annually.
  • A cutting-edge laboratory.
  • Academy for continuing education recognized by the American Dental Association.
  • An administrative centre providing human resources, compliance, accounting, IT and marketing support.
  • Several financing options, making treatments more accessible for patients.
  • A 92 % customer satisfaction rate year in, year out.
Front desk Centres Dentaires Lapointe

“Lapointe Dental Centres create a stimulating professional setting. They have what it takes to attract a great number of patients and build win-win relationships with the dentists, who by the same token are freed of the administrative duties involved in running a dental clinic, such as rent, personnel management and purchasing.”

— Dr. Audrey Bentolila
Dentist practicing at Montreal’s René-Lévesque centre since 2014

Devote yourself entirely to your craft

Taking full advantage of an infrastructure supporting your practice leaves you free to focus exclusively on practising your profession, on the well-being of your patients and on shaping your career to reflect your ambitions.

Brain diagram
Brain diagram

We offer the full support you need in developing a stimulating and rewarding professional path suited to your goals and aspirations.

Woman dentist with patient

Model your practice to suit your aspirations

Depending on your practice profile and experience, we can support you as you develop or pursue career plans, allowing you to achieve your professional ambitions while gaining further expertise in your preferred field.

Types of services provided by the professionals in our centres:

Icône hygiène et prévention Icône restauration Icône orthodontie

Hygiene and



Icône denturologie Icône implantologie Icône parodontie




Icône endodontie Icône chirurgie Icône prosthodontie




“Practising in a Lapointe Dental Centre is an opportunity to work with other professionals and share our expertise. It’s also a chance to flourish professionally, having access to exceptional support and leading-edge technology, and being in close contact with the lab. ”

— Dr Vanessa Lamarre-Tremblay
Dentist practicing at the Boisbriand centre since 2012

Dentist reading documents

Reach your goals faster

Here is why you can grow and optimize your practice sooner and significantly increase income:

  • You do not have to worry about management and administrative responsibilities. You can devote your time entirely to your patients.
  • You can make more time for professional development.
  • You can attend career development programs offered by our very own training academy.
  • You will be assigned new patients on a continuous basis.
  • You will have access of state-of-the-art technology to help you plan and execute your treatment plans.
  • You will be working with a team of professionals representing all areas of dentistry that means you can offer patients all the treatments they need under one roof.
Dentist smiling

"There's a real spirit of cooperation and reciprocity among the professionals who work in Lapointe Dental Centres. Whenever one of us needs advice about a case, we can always turn to our colleagues for expert assistance."

— Dr. Rémi Laverdière
Dentist practicing at the Cap-Rouge centre since 2014

Man holding a bicycle on a mountain

Find the ideal work/life balance

We will plan a schedule together based on your personal situation, your professional ambitions and, of course, your expectations in terms of income.

  • Our administrative resources are tasked with streamlining your schedule on an ongoing basis and optimizing the use of your time.
  • You belong to one big team, which gives you much greater flexibility in planning your schedule while maintaining excellent service quality for the patient.
Happy couple with two children

"Practising in a Lapointe Dental Centre brings me peace of mind. I come home at night and I can fully enjoy my family life without the hassle of worrying about the administrative side of the clinic."

— Dr. Jean-Philippe Sirois
Dentist practicing at the Quebec City centre since 2002

Canada's only dental clinic network with a fully integrated business concept

Dental centres

  • Dental centres featuring modern designs and amenities.
  • Experienced support teams.
  • Technical tools: intraoral scanner, 3D scanner, Panorex, virtual wax-up, Visio simulation application.
  • Exclusive technological platform for case management:
    • Schedule management.
    • Automated reminders.
    • Treatment planning support.
  • Management indicators (KPI) for professionals.
Dentist chair
Laboratory Centres Dentaires Lapointe


  • Work methods combining new technology with traditional techniques.
  • On-site manufacturing of all dental products: fixed, removable and implant-supported prostheses as well as orthodontic products.
  • Service tailored to your practice.
  • Technical support for the planning and execution of cases involving CAD/CAM.
  • Research and development.
  • Quality products and optimal manufacturing turnarounds.

Administrative centre

  • 30 years of operational management experience.
  • Marketing outreach providing the practice with a steady stream of new patients.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Recruitment and training of support personnel.
  • Administrative management of billing and insurance claim follow-up.
Happy employees answering the phone
Lady raising her hand to ask a question

Training academy

  • Recognized by the American Dental Association's Continuing Education Recognition Program.
  • Career planning assistance.
  • Training specifically designed for dental assistants and support staff.
  • Incorporation of new technologies into professional practice.
  • Online training tools.
  • Study circles.
  • Training sessions applicable for professional development units (PDUs).

Joining Lapointe Group today

Own a clinic and want to accelerate the growth of your practice?

Lapointe Group acquires well established clinics allowing you to fully concentrate on patients' needs, without having the hassle of administrative task.

Whether the deal be done via the purchase of assets or shares, Lapointe Group fully handles the non-medical aspects of the job and lets you care more about your patients and optimize your professional income.

Own a clinic and thinking about retiring ?

We will sit down with you and plan every step for a successful transition to retirement, from both a financial and a personal standpoint.

You can continue to practice at your own pace, or you can wind up your activities safe in the knowledge that your patients will be well taken care of by a group recognized for outstanding service.

Guest dentist ( on commission ) looking to improve your situation ?

Practice as if you were an owner, without having to worry about the tedious administration and massive investment required to open a practice.

Recent graduate?

Take advantage of training and mentoring programs to quickly raise your level of practice to where you want it.

Build up your pool of patients by associating yourself with a renowned brand that generates steady business.

A tried-and-true model

Regardless of your practice type, when you decide to join our team, you'll be improving your quality of life and optimizing your revenue stream.

Want to find out more?

Come and meet with us in person, and we will tell you all about our business model and values.

It would be our pleasure to provide you with an overview of your future with our team, in terms of both your career path and your professional income.

Make an appointment with us today !

We will send you a brief questionnaire that we use to prepare a proposal tailored specifically to your ambitions.

You will be amazed at the count- less benefits you will enjoy when you partner with our group. We are quite confident that this will be the start of a mutually rewarding experience.