For the professionals

The Lapointe Group is a company that sets up dental centres, providing the professionals practicing dentistry in their facilities with the infrastructure needed to support their practice as well as the administrative management of the centres’ support staff.

The professionals working in our centres, which are administered by Lapointe Dental Centres, are self-employed. They enjoy the benefits of a network, including being able to pool their expertise in the context of a multidisciplinary practice.

The Lapointe Group’s core concept of integrated care consists of making a full range of dental services available under one roof to maximize patient comfort and satisfaction.

Why join the LAPOINTE GROUP?

For dental professionals, our business model offers significant advantages. Benefiting from our facilities lets you focus on your patients without having to worry about investing the time and money needed to manage your own clinic. The Group is structured to provide turnkey services that allow you to develop your practice in line with your desires and ambitions.

The Lapointe Group currently operates 22 dental centres across the province.

Professionals who practice dentistry at our dental centres enjoy numerous advantages:

The Summum Dental Laboratory

The Lapointe Group works in partnership with the Summum Dental Laboratory. With state-of-the-art technology and 80 technicians and assistants, the laboratory is at the service of the professionals practicing at the Lapointe Dental Centres.

Providing full support to dentists, the Summum Dental Laboratory continually invests in advanced technologies and research to offer top-quality products. The lab also offers to professionals (thus benefiting their patients) a warranty for the products it manufactures.

Information technologies

The Lapointe Group has a department dedicated to managing and developing information technologies across the Group, with a view to increasing access to information and managing integrated systems.

Lapointe Dental Centres  has also developed management tools (indicators) that allow you to monitor the growth of your practice.


The Lapointe Group provides professionals with premises, dental equipment and materials. In conjunction with Henry Schein (with whom we have worked for over 25 years), the company oversees the design, construction and maintenance of its centres. It also has agreements with a number of renowned dental suppliers for purchasing basic materials and acquiring the latest technologies.

Legal advice and referrals

The Lapointe Group offers legal counsel and referrals pertaining to various aspects regulated by the profession. For a number of years, its legal department has worked in tandem with representatives from various professional associations and their insurance funds.


Our marketing team works hard to generate business in our dental centres, thus benefiting the professionals who practice dentistry there. We promote services through a series of ongoing advertising and marketing activities: patient brochures, website management, newsletters and so on.

Customer Contact Centre

The Lapointe Group operates a call centre where prospective clients are directed to our centres, based on the needs identified by the caller and the availability of dental professionals. Once prospective clients becomes patients, their calls are routed directly to the clinic where their treating professional practices, and their case then receives comprehensive care from the dental team.

The strength of a network of some 500 individuals

The Group is a family of some 500 dedicated employees and professionals. Highly skilled and dynamic, our staff supports you in your practice so as to facilitate your work. Lapointe Dental Centres is responsible for recruiting, training and providing administrative support for secretaries, assistants and dental hygienists. The Group also recruits and oversees the administrative aspects for support staff, who remain fully subordinated to the dentist within the framework of the professional services and follow-up provided to the patient.


Since 2008, Lapointe Group has been a recognized provider of ADA-CERP training. Through its academy, the company offers training to professionals wishing to expand and fine-tune their knowledge and thus assure their development.

Research and development

Research and development targets two key objectives: opening up avenues for further development and deepening knowledge of existing techniques. For Lapointe Group, investing continually, year after year, in research and development is vital if we are to stay at the forefront of the field of dentistry.


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