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Global Dental Consultation is offered for anyone who wishes to know what are the best available solutions to better the overall look of their smile. In order to do so, a complete evaluation of the smile and a summative evaluation of oral care of the patient will be performed. No professional care will be done during this appointment.

Whether it be for cosmetic and functional dentistry, implantology, denturology, orthodontics or family dentistry, all oral services offered at Lapointe Centres are located in the same place. If you wish to book any other appointment offered in the menu, please call 1-800-527-6468

Online booking can only be used to schedule appointments for new patients. If you have already visited one of our office or are currently a patient, please call 1 800 527-6468 to schedule appointments for ongoing care, or fill in the following form

If under 18, please call 1 800 527-6468 in order to schedule an appointment for or fill in the following form